Thursday, 17 October 2013

Protocol for

Selection of Executives and Heads

PAR = Plasma Achievement Rank

Selection of Student Coordinator and Cell Heads

Selection will be strictly made on merit basis. Each campus will have 6 posts.  

Cell Head = 5 and Student Coordinator = 1

Top six PAR volunteers will be selected from the campus. The topper of PAR will be appointed as Student Coordinator by the Chief Coordinator of the campus.

Head of the Cells will be appointed by the Organizer among the rest PAR holders and Cell selection preference will be given to the volunteers based on their PAR.

Selection of Organizer and Elite Committee

The Topper of PAR among all the campuses will be qualified for the post of Organizer. The appointment will be made in the next academic year by the Dean - Planning & Development of the University

Elite Committee will comprise of former Student Coordinators/Organizer (present in college/university) and few topmost PAR holders among all the campuses and they will act as advisers to the Organizer (though the advise is not binding, it is expected that Organizer would perceive the advise). In case of any Vacuum/Lacuna in leadership, it is the duty of the elite committee to form a new leadership based on meritocracy.

Exceptional Cases (Vacancy of Executive and Cell Head Posts)

Case: 1         Presence of PAR Holders

The next PAR holder will occupy the post and reallocation of all posts will be made depending on their PAR.

Case: 2         Absence of PAR Holders

Selection preference will be made in the following order:-
  1. Academic year seniority
  2. NCC/NSS participation
  3. Representing College Team (Extracurricular Activities)
  4. CGPA
  5.  No history of arrears

Selection committee
SASTRA University

Plasma Compendium

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